Monday, October 15, 2007

Senseless murder

So I was watching the Brazilian news today and, yet again, there are news of senseless murdering. A clerk at a pizza joint, married and father of a 2 year old kid, was killed, stabbed four times, because he refused to sell the slice of pizza for 0.60 (the normal price was 1 buck).
A group of three punks assaulted and killed him.

Now, what do you do with these people? Is jail time enough? I'm not in favor of capital punishment, but in cases like these, these murderers just forfeited their right to live.

Can a healthy society exist when such people - psychopaths and sociopaths- are allowed to roam free?

Heck, I've been involved in fights before, I know things can get out of hand, but to have the "courage" to actually kill someone goes beyond anything I can imagine.

All for 40 cents...


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